An international group for women

The AWCL is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization serving women in Luxembourg and the surrounding region. Our name is somewhat misleading since 60% of our members are not American - we are an international group with members coming from almost 40 different countries, providing a rich community of diverse interests and experiences.

Our goal is to help women acclimate to life in Luxembourg, whether newly arrived or living here already, by offering a variety of member-organized activities and events that are social, educational, cultural and philanthropic. These include language lessons/conversation groups in French, German, English and Luxembourgish, book club, hiking, tennis, city walks, travel destination talks, career support, daytime and evening events, wine tastings and tours of caves and vineyards, overviews on healthcare and transportation, work on charitable causes both local and worldwide, and so much more.

Our Clubhouse, located near Parc Merl, provides a place for members to participate in classes, workshops, discussion group sessions and meetings, or even just to stop by and have a chat over a cup of coffee. We welcome any woman living in the Luxembourg area, including its neighbouring French, German and Belgian environs, to join us!