International Bazaar Success

Once again the AWCL participated in the International Bazaar at the Lux Expo with both a food and merchandise stand representing the USA. The two stands were under Chair Shar Helfgott, with Co-Chair Anna Van Eckeren helping with the merchandise stand. We would not have been as successful without the support of Arnita Hallerstrom, treasurer for both stands. The stands were manned by over 100 volunteers for the two day event which was heavily attended. A special thanks to all the volunteers, including the ISL and European School students, who volunteered with the various food and merchandise stations.

While we still don't have the tally of results, we expect to be able to make generous contributions to our charity, We Care Solar. The charity chosen by the International Bazaar committee for the overall event was Benin, the Congregation of Sisters, an organization which helps those who are the most disadvantaged within the community: orphans, vulnerable women, old people and the poor. We are proud to be able to participate and use these as our signature charity events.

The International Bazaar is the largest charity fundraising event in the Grand Duchy, supporting around 100 carefully selected charities each year from around the world. Over 50 nationalities participated this year. Crown Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie attended on Saturday, representing the royal family.

Refugee Assistance

The AWCL is collecting the following items at the Clubhouse to be delivered directly to the refugee camp at Trier West, where there are currently 2000 refugees.

The items needed are:
  • Any warm clothes for men, women or children
  • Mens' clothes in medium or small, especially pullover, long sleeve t-shirts, gloves, socks, new pants, jeans or sweat pants and warm jackets.
  • Women are also small, so especially small warm trousers, jumpers, long sleeve tops and warm jackets.
  • Shoes are needed in small sizes (doesn't matter how worn). Trainers are good, but no heels, snow boots or Wellies.
  • Old toys for children are great, but only small items such as cuddly toys, dolls, cars, tennis balls, footballs, skipping ropes and chalks. There is little room for the children to play. No puzzles, board games or books that are not in Arabic.
Please, no bedding or towels at this stage as they are given these items when they arrive.

Kindly bring your donated items to the Clubhouse in a bag or box and leave them with the Welcome Desk Volunteer during open hours.