About Us

The American Women’s Club of Luxembourg (AWCL) is a non-profit, volunteer-run group serving women in Luxembourg and the surrounding region. It’s a registered Social Club as required by A.S.B.L laws (Associations Sans But Lucrative: non-profit organizations).

The AWCL formed in 1959 as a small, informal gathering. Today, we are proud to say that we number nearly 400 members from all around the world, including newcomers to ladies who have called Luxembourg home for many years now.

Members of the AWCL support each other as expats as they make their way through living in the Grand Duchy. All sorts of activities are offered and organized, for all ages and contexts. For all this and more, the AWCL has its own Clubhouse: a place where we meet, socialize and even take language classes.

As a club, we also work to help the less fortunate in our own community and around the world, so many philanthropic activities and events are part of our annual program.

The American Women’s Club of Luxembourg is a member of FAWCO, the Federation of Women’s Clubs Overseas.