In 1947, two young American women living in Luxembourg met and became friends. Mary Elvinger and Kappy Dupong were both married to Luxembourgers. Years later, Mary heard a woman speaking English in a store and introduced herself. The woman had been in Luxembourg for six weeks, and Mary was the first person who talked to her. Mary realized something must be done to welcome and help newcomers to Luxembourg.

Mary and Kappy joined forces with Marie Taylor, who was married to the First Secretary of the American Embassy. Marie contacted various club leaders in Europe and received advice and help from many, especially FAWCO.

After several discussions (many in Luxembourg, one in Paris) and a visit from a former FAWCO president, a small group took a formal vote to form the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg.

Highlights of our History:

  • March 3, 1959: 16 members attended the first meeting of the AWCL. They approved a draft constitution, by-laws and the first slate of officers. Only Americans were admitted as members.
  • 1959: First mimeographed edition of “Hints for Living in Luxembourg” was published. The 51 copies cost 50 francs to produce.
  • November 1961: Members approved the admission of Associate Members and voted to join FAWCO.
  • 1962: The AWCL joined FAWCO.
  • 1968: The AWCL starts the American Stand at the International Bazaar.
  • 1969: The AWCL votes to leave FAWCO
  • 1979: The AWCL raises funds and helps establish the first autistic center for children in Europe.
  • 1985: The AWCL rejoins FAWCO.
  • 1992: The AWCL establishes an office in Kopstal
  • 1994: The office moves to its current location
  • 1996: The U.S. Marines leave Luxembourg, and the U.S. Embassy asks the AWCL to coordinate the Toys for Tots campaign
  • 2002: The AWCL purchased its office, “The Clubhouse.”
  • 2009: Members celebrated the club’s 50th anniversary at Restaurant Namur in Kirchberg.
  • 2013: The Club adopts a new logo

  • 2014-2016: Renovated Clubhouse including the kitchen and work area.