President's Welcome

Dear Prospective and Current Members,

On behalf of the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg (AWCL), I wish to welcome you to the Grand Duchy! If you have recently relocated to Luxembourg, or are researching for a potential relocation, the AWCL has a lot to offer you. Our organization is a unique and diverse group of women with more than 300 members from over 40 countries. Although English is our common language, we welcome any woman who is looking to integrate into her new expat life abroad and interested in participating in some of our wonderful activities and events.

Our strength as an organization is derived from our vast diversity and interests. We have many established members who offer classes and activities to help you familiarize yourself to your new surroundings. Our many social events and weekly activities, including hiking, French lessons, English Conversation, scrapbooking and travel club, provide you with many opportunities to develop new friendships and perhaps learn a new skill or uncover a hidden talent. We are a volunteer-driven organization, so we encourage our members to be involved. Whether you are interested in starting a new activity, help out a local charity or welcome new members at our Welcome Desk, there is always an opportunity to meet new people and stay involved with the community.

Our monthly newsletter, the E-vine, provides you with all of the details you need to know about our upcoming events and activities. We also have a closed Facebook page that provides members an active communication exchange. Need a doctor or electrician? Relatives coming for a visit and looking for things to do? A quick post on our Facebook page and you will have a plethora of suggestions in no time.

Unlike many organizations, the AWCL has its own Clubhouse, centrally located near Parc Merl. Our volunteers and elected Board of Directors work to keep the Clubhouse available to our members for activity meetings, classes and social events. We offer a monthly Welcome Coffee for women interested in learning more about our organization. Children are welcome to attend, so please drop by for a cup and a chat! We would love to meet you and introduce you to all that our wonderful organization has to offer!

Welcome to Luxembourg! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kind Regards,

Cara Davila
AWCL President 2017-18