Health Care

Luxembourg has an extremely high standard of compulsory state-funded health care insurance. Subsidized insurance is available to all citizens and registered long-term residents. Private insurance is also available in the country. All citizens have the right to choose their doctor, specialist and hospital.

The Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS) is the national government health and social insurance program. If you work in Luxembourg and contribute to the Luxembourg social fund, you should be eligible for membership in the CNS.

Most general practitioners have certain hours that they see patients on an appointment basis known as a “rendezvous,” and other times where they see walk-ins. The hours vary from doctor to doctor and are generally posted at their office or you can call the office for this information. Many doctors do speak English, but their receptionist might not. You usually pay the doctor directly. A list of doctors can be found in our Living in Luxembourg guide book.

There are three medical centers, Maisons Medicales, which see patients for non-urgent problems before and after hours, from 8pm-12am weekdays and on weekends and holidays. From 12am-7am, call 112 to put you in touch with the doctor on call. If necessary, the doctor will make a house call. You can request house calls at any time.

Locations of Maison Medicales:

Luxembourg Ville Esch-sur-Alzette Ettlebruck
7 rue Michel-Welter 70, rue Emile Mayrisch 110, avenue Lucien Salentiny

There are no private hospitals in Luxembourg; all hospitals are run by the Caisse de Maladie. Not all hospitals have an emergency room. After hours, hospitals provide emergency care on a rotating basis. Click here to find out which hospitals’ emergency rooms are open today. Pharmacies also rotate opening outside regular hours. Click here to find out which pharmacy is open or call 112 for pharmacy or hospital information.

When going for a hospital stay, you should take your own pajamas, robe and slippers, as well as personal toiletries and towels. You’ll also need a small amount of money to pay for telephone calls, television programs, bottled water and other items offered by private services within the hospital.

Hospitals in Luxembourg:

Hospital Address
Hopital Princesse Marie-Astrid 187, avenue de la Liberte, Differdange
Hopital de la Ville de Dudelange rue de l'Hopital, Dudelange
Clinique Sainte-Marie 7-11, rue Wuerth-Paquet, Esch-sur-Alzette
Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch 436 rue Emile Mayrisch, Esch-sur-Alzette
Clinique St. Louis Centre Hospitalier du Nord Centre Hospitalier du Nord (CHdN) BP 103, Ettelbruck
Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg 4, rue Ernest Barble, Luxembourg
Clinique Ste. Therese (ZithaKlinik) 36, rue Sainte Zithe, Luxembourg
Clinique d'Eich 78, rue d'Eich, Luxembourg
Hopital Kirchberg 9, rue Edward Steichen, Luxembourg
Clinique St. Joseph Centre Hospitalier du Nord  10 rue G.-D Charlotte, Wiltz


In the city of Luxembourg, there are two children’s hospitals:

Clinique Pediatrique (Kannerklinik)
 Policlinique Pediatrique at Hôpital Kirchberg
2, rue Pierre Federspiel, Luxembourg (ER is always open) 9 rue Edward Steichen, 
Luxembourg (ER open 8am-10pm)


There are also two maternity hospitals, both of which are always open for emergencies:

Clinique Privée du Dr E. Bohler Maternité Grand Duchesse Charlotte
5 rue Edward Steichen, 
Luxembourg 120 route d’Arlon, Luxembourg