Regular Activities

We have many activities to suit our members’ wide range of interests and hobbies. If you’re interested in joining any of them, or if you’re a member and would like to start a new activity, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Welcome Coffee: Whether you've just arrived or have been here for years, the AWCL wants to welcome you! Join us at one of our next Welcome Coffees at the Clubhouse and learn more about the AWCL's many activities. The Welcome Coffee is free and open to members and non-members, so feel free to bring a friend or two. Children are also invited.


Cinema Sisters: Catch up on all the current movies with AWCL friends. Since the schedules change frequently, keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming meeting dates.


Ladies Night Out: This is a great chance for members to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere at the Clubhouse. It also allows our working members to access the Clubhouse. People bring an appetizer or drink to share, and Clubhouse services such as sign-ups are available. This group meets on a Wednesday night once a month.


TGIF: Join us for a night-out to socialize with spouses and friends. Every month a different venue is chosen.


Ladies’ Luncheon Delight: This hungry group goes out in search of Luxembourg’s tastiest eats. Participants try out a different restaurant once a month.


Morning Book Club: This book club meets the second Thursday of the month to discuss a book over coffee at the Clubhouse.


Potluck Book Club: Participants share a potluck dinner and discuss the book of the month. The focus of this book club is more about socializing than the book, so it’s a fun time even if you didn’t have time to read the book. This group gathers once a month at a different participant’s house.





Moms Group: This group arranges various playdates, storytelling sessions, and sing-a-longs. Depending on the month and the volunteers, the groups meet either at the Clubhouse or at mothers’ homes. Some moms will also organize playdates at the park or other activities. It varies each month.


Mom's Morning Coffee: Bring your kids if they're small or come by yourself if they're at school. We'll enjoy relaxing together, speaking mom talk and enjoying refreshments.





Daytrippers: Discover the region on day trips. Participants occasionally stay in the city of Luxembourg, but usually the trips take them a little further afield, within a two-hour drive. You’ll see new cities, museums, shopping areas and restaurants. This group goes on a day trip about once a month.


Travel Talk: Want to get great tips about traveling around Europe? This is the group for you. In addition to a main topic destination, participants also talk about recent trips they’ve taken along with any recommendations they would like to share. This group meets once a month at the Clubhouse and is one of the most active ones of the Club.






Café Français: Learn to speak French and find your way more easily in Luxembourg. French Conversation is taught at two levels: beginner and intermediate. Participants learn all the most important vocabulary to help you get around in a Francophone country. French classes are conducted weekly at a coffee shot near the Clubhouse.


French Conversation: Come learn French or improve on what you already know while finding your way more easily around Luxembourg. Classes are usually held on Tuesdays and address two levels: intermediates and beginners. 


English Conversation Tea: This group exists to help our non-native English speakers improve their English. Participants can feel free to practice in a relaxed environment. This group meets weekly.


German Conversation Cafe: Native and non-native speakers meet to put their German conversation skills to practice. Beginners are welcome, but should be able to speak in German on a basic level. Kaffeeklatsch meets on Mondays for an hour and a half at the Clubhouse.


Spanish Conversation: Do you want to improve your Spanish? Do you want to practice your Spanish? Join us for our Spanish Conversation group! We will meet on Wednesdays at the Clubhouse.  





Hiking: This dedicated group explores the Luxembourgish outdoors by hiking. The women hike an average of 8-10 kilometers rain, sun or snow. They move at a pace brisk enough to keep warm in the winter while still allowing for conversation. The group hikes in a different location each Friday morning.


The Ramblers: A ramble is a longer, slower hike. Participants traverse the trails from about 20 kilometers. They stop for a picnic lunch. This group meets once a month.





Scrapbooking: Like to scrapbook? Whether you’re working on a traditional paper scrapbook or a digital one, enjoy the work with friends! It’s always nice to get some advice and new ideas. This group meets twice a month at the Clubhouse.


Sit & Stitch: Bring your handmade project to the Clubhouse and work on it while socializing. This group focuses on stitch crafts that don't require a machine, like embroidery and knitting.


Quilting: Whether you're an experience quilter or a non-sewer, we'd love you to come help us make quilts for injured US service members. It's a social time where you can practice a craft and build a tangible piece of comfort for someone who's far from home.